Monday, August 25th, 2014

Never Quit in The Dip – Says Seth Godin in this interview. You need to focus. Quit all the other things in your life, to focus on the one thing you want. However, you should make sure you are willing to put in the work before you start. Either quit in the beginning or quit […]

Is Internet Video Going To Change The Way We Do Business .. Forever??    In this video Chris Anderson talks about a global wave that is taking place which is fueled by on-line video – that average people like you and me are posting for the world to see. The net result is something that […]

Drew Burks; San Diego Broker of the year(s) and social newtworking expert shares some scarey insights as to the power stuggle that is waging bewteen Google and Facebook … and why you need to care.  Who would have ever thought that the 900 pound gorilla of search engines; Google, would ever have a serious contender challenge […]

The only thing worse than not obtaining your goals is telling others what your goals actually are! The video I’m about to share with you really challenged everything I have ever been taught about setting goals by all the so called gurus and peddlers of info products. Believe it or not the practice of sharing  your goals […]

Before I introduce you to our next CyberStar® I have to ask … what did you think about the last video interview … with me floating down the river? Those were pretty big rocks and cold water but well worth it to put a smile on your face AND introduce you to the concept of […]

Chris Leader shares some of his coaching tips on the power of niche marketing. All too often real estate professionals try being all things to all people. The problem with that from a marketing perspective is that, unless you message is focused no one will hear it! This is why niche marketing is so powerful. […]

Ranked by NAR as a Top 30 under 30 Shannon King shares a simple video marketing strategy using a FLIP video camera. Shannon has been called the “Real Estate Road Warrior” probably because she is married to a Naval Officer- which allows them to travel the world, and forces her to keep her businesses virtual. She spends most of my time in […]

Krisstina Wise; Principal/Broker of Good Life Team shares her thoughts and strategies on Social Networking. In this video my friend Krisstina Wise; Broker/Owner of Good Life Team in Austin Texas, will share some of the radical strategies she uses in Twitter to “Crush It!” Who is Krisstina Wise? At first glance you might see her […]

Many agents try building their client base on referrals and repeat customers. Patrick Lilly of Corcoran Real Estate Group takes that one step further by cultivating relationships with other brokers, not only locally but nationally too. Every event, trade show and convention is another opportunity for Patrick to grow his referral base and it can be for you too.

Verl Workman and michael krisa discuss 5 Key Factors to consider when engaging in Social Media. It seems that when it comes to the how’s and whyfore’s of social media  that everyone – rightly or wrongly – has an opinion. The problem is that we look to the so called “gurus” for answers and many […]