Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Gloria Valvasori with Better Homes & Gardens is 67 years old, raising three grandchildren, a full time Realtor® … oh and a wiz at SEO and social media marketing! Now before you say she must have been a computer geek all along … nothing could be further from the truth. Gloria realized that her time […]

In the previous video we discussed a work-around for capturing great audio with a cheap video camera … and by cheap I mean it has No external mic jack for you to plug a microphone into. That solution could also be called a “poor-mans” solution to a wireless mic. You will need some video editing […]

Terry Murphy is an industry icon and when it comes to training real estate professionals; showing them how to leverage new technology to make more money … well she is a Master! In this video Terri will share with you 4 power strategies that you can use for Video Blogging. Video Blogging you say? Absolutely […]

When is comes to buying a video camera you can needlessly spend thousands of dollars and still not get what you are looking for!   In this video michael krisa aka That Interview Guy® and founder of Real Estate Unplugged will share with you: what to look for how much to invest finding a great […]

Video is NOT just pretty moving pictures with sound used to create virtual tours! If fact when your video tells a story (and all Good Video tells a story) you can create opportunities, which create friendships which lead to income. In this video interview David Bell of Teldon Marketing and I share our story of […]

Shannon W. King aka The Road Warrior shares some insights on profting from tradeshow and conventions. Shannon has been called the “Real Estate Road Warrior” probably because she is married to a Naval Officer- which allows them to travel the world, and forces her to keep her businesses virtual. She spends most of my time in San Diego, as a co-founder of […]

Best selling author and speaker Don Hutson is a frequent guest here at Real Estate Unplugged and this month talks about dealing with weirdos. Okay maybe that’s a little harsh What he really gets to the heart of is recognizing the different personality styles of people that we meet and then adapting to them. The […]

Don Hutson shares The Slight Edge Principle Don is a big supporter of Real Estate Unplugged and will be sharring some of his exclusive videos with you. For more than 30 years, Don Hutson has been in the business of making people believe they can do better and giving them the skills to do it. […]

Never Quit in The Dip – Says Seth Godin in this interview. You need to focus. Quit all the other things in your life, to focus on the one thing you want. However, you should make sure you are willing to put in the work before you start. Either quit in the beginning or quit […]

Is Internet Video Going To Change The Way We Do Business .. Forever??    In this video Chris Anderson talks about a global wave that is taking place which is fueled by on-line video – that average people like you and me are posting for the world to see. The net result is something that […]