Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Fitness pro, nutrition guru and Friend to Real Estate Unplugged shares the truth behind power drinks and what they can do for you. Tom’s Bio: If there has ever been an ambassador for fitness and healthy living, it would be #1 bestselling author, international speaker, and former Mr. America, Tom Terwilliger. Tom has spent the […]

Master Hung Tran is a martial arts instructor with a difference! He is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, prize fighter and will now he and his wife Morgan will be regular contributors to Real Estate Unplugged. In this video Master Tran share his “PHD” formula. Here is his bio: Master Hung D. Tran is a lifelong practitioner […]

It saddens me to say that the father of fitness Jack Lalanne passed away this month. I found this old video and what he said way back still rings true today. There is an old verse that goes: “Happiness is wanting all you have vs. having all you want … and knowing the difference.” Jack […]

Tom Terwilliger Mr. America Shares His Insights On Reaching Your Goals  When it comes to overcoming adversity and actually making dreams come true, Tom Terwilliger knows a thing or two about making it happen. A former biker turned motivation speaker Tom has had his fare share of ups and downs and had come up with the […]

A man way ahead of his time … Jack Lalanne Jack LaLanne (born September 26, 1914) is an American fitness, exercise, nutritional expert, and motivational speaker who has been called “the godfather of fitness”.[1][2] He has published numerous books on fitness and hosted a fitness television show between 1951 and 1985. He has 4 children. […]

Is Your Fitness Training Plan Flawed…? by Curt Nelson There are many areas of fitness to focus on. If you just focus on one area of fitness, your fitness training plan is FLAWED. Heres how you know if your on the right track. When you go to the gym and other people ask you what […]

I remember this story that Earl Nightingale use to share about a guy who traveled the world looking for diamonds. He sold everything he had to finance his quest and in the end died impoverished .. but the guy that had purchased his house, while doing some gardening stumbled across the richest deposit of diamonds […]

There is a war raging right now and the casualties are growing daily. This war is not fought with guns or bombs, in fact the method is insidious … it’s being waged with sugar! The “American Diet” which has spread across the planet is killing people in record numbers from heart disease, diabetes, liver disease […]

Coaching! Apprenticeship (coaching) is an age old tradition that has gotten lost in modern society.  For centuries, apprentices in all walks of life would sit at the master’s feet and learned the disciplines that made the master…well..the master!  This apprenticeship would lead the student onto a life of distinction, success and excellence.  John Rowley is […]

This “negative” can be very positive. Most of us don’t just want to lose “weight”. We want to lose body fat. This is what really concerns us, cosmetically speaking, at least. Body fat, referred to by scientists as adipose tissue, is the stuff that can hide shapely, defined muscles from view, make your bikini fit […]