Thursday, August 21st, 2014

CyberStar and Top Agent Ken Montville on the iPhone and its applications. Well if you’re ever sitting around one afternoon bored out of your tree here’s a sure fire way to have some fun. Go to your local Starbucks and yell out “Apple Sucks!” and then turn around and run like crazy because without a […]

James Smith of Coldwell Banker asks: There is a great deal of buzz regarding social media and everyone I ask has a different opinion. Can you please tell me what are the top sites I should be working with and why? That’s a great question James because it is so easy to get caught up […]

Coach Tom Ferry shares some insights on the do’s and dont’s of social networking. I am the first to confess that when I first saw Twitter and a host of the other social networks that I just didn’t get it. Frankly people from around the world were inviting me to become their “friend”. Maybe it’s […]

Bob Corcoran On Running Your Business Like A Business. When it comes to systems and running your business like a business Bob Corcoran is one man you may want to turn an ear towards. He has been helping top agents hone their skills since the late 80’s and is still working with some of the […]

Jeffrey Young shares some thoughts on how to stand out from the noise. We hear all about the importance of providing good customer service and top agent Jeffrey Young of Keller Williams has made it is mantra to do just that. He has discovered that it’s not just about the sale but asking deep probing […]

Alex Szinegh of EXIT Realty discusses the 4 Steps to Success. Have you ever been to Costa Rica? Recently my wife and I spent a week in the jungles of Costa Rica with none other than Alex Szinegh; SR Regional VP of EXIT Realty International. Now when I say “jungle” that’s  partially true. You see […]

Top Florida Realtor Greg Gorman of talks about what it means to get back to the basics. Recently I was invited to speak at the first ever Real Estate Tribal Group event in Dallas Texas. To say it was a humbling experience for me would be a gross understatement because I was surrounded by […]

Top Agent Bryan Bomba shares what he is doing to achieve such great results with his blog. We’ve all heard that Web 2.0 – the era of social networking is the future for building relationships and a profitable real estate business. Truth be told it’s Not the future … it’s here now and successful real estate […]

Brain Moses discusses the power of a Tour of Homes vs. traditional open houses. The one constant in life is that we all have the same amount of hours in a day, however what separates the successful from the failures is what they DO with those hours. According to top agent Brian Moses, one of […]

The real estate media has been giving a great deal of press to what agents need to be doing in this tough market to stay competitive … I wanted to make sure that brokers got there share also. That’s why I set up an interview with Lorne Wallace; President of Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies. […]