Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Celebrity Corner …. Howard Brinton



When it comes to introducing Howard Brinton, why mess with perfection when I can just paste what was written about him on his StarPower site?

Generous, knowledgeable, experienced, wise and entertaining. These are a few of the initial impressions you will hear from people who are familiar with Howard’s programs and presentations. Everything you look for in a dynamic educator, you’ll find in Howard Brinton. Howard has a pulse on the heartbeat of the real estate industry from first-hand experience.

Having been an agent and broker for 17 years closing 470 transactions his peak year, he’s no stranger to the challenges and demands of the job.

On a deeper professional level, have you ever met someone who not only cares if you succeed in your business life, but also wants you to have an enriched personal, financial and spiritual life? Howard has a heartfelt dedication to others. He is as real off the stage as he is on – a rare quality in itself that sets him apart.

Howard’s commitment to improving the quality of REALTORS® lives is manifested in his life’s work as National President of the Council of Residential Specialists, as creator of the STAR POWER® University program, and as a mentor to highly successful REALTORS®. Howard’s personal mission statement is “to deepen learning, foster creativity and growth, while living in integrity and joy.”

I hope you’ll enjoy this audio interview that I did some time back with Howard.

Total Run Time: 23:03

Click Here To Download The Howard Brinton Interview Transcript

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