Friday, November 6th, 2015

Exciting News About CyberStars


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Allen Hainge and Brad Korn discuss the future of CyberStars and the change of ownership.

Last week I had the pleasure of being an invited presenter at the 2010 CyberStar Summit in Scottsdale Arizona.

I was humbled to be standing in front of 180 of the top agents from around the Continent and sharing with them how to use video marketing in their real estate practices.

My advanced breakout session was comprised of a powerhouse panel: Brian Copeland, Tim Burrell, Thomas Cook and Rob Peanut Janson … heck I would have paid to sit back and watch and I was the guy presenting!

All I can say is  … WOW!

If you don’t know what the CyberStars are let me give you a bit of a background.

Allen Hainge founded this group over ten years ago based upon the following criteria:

  1. Successful agent in their market area.
  2. Firm grasp on technology AND actually using it.
  3. Willingness to share what has worked AND not worked in their business

Well like I said it was humbling to be a part of such a sharing and genuine group of top agents.

And if that wasn’t exciting enough … I also had the opportunity of doing an exclusive video interview with Allen Hainge and the new owner of CyberStars, Brad Korn.

I hope you enjoy this video and please be sure to leave your comments below.

All Good Wishes,

michael krisa aka That Interview Guy


17 Responses to “Exciting News About CyberStars”
  1. Jay says:

    Great job…thanks for all you do…

  2. I know Brad will be a fantastic leader of Cyberstars® 2.0. Michael, your contributions at the summit were a big hit and personally much appreciated.
    My Best,
    Scott A. Pridemore

  3. michael says:

    Hey Scott/Jay,

    Thanks for the kinds words and support!

    You guys are great.

    All Good Wishes,

  4. Great interview! Beautiful transition. I have no doubt Brad will take the CyberStars to great heights. Allen…you da best!

  5. Connie says:

    Great interview. So pleased to be a part of this group. Welcome Brad

  6. Tim Kinzler says:

    I can only imagine what the next 20 years of association with the dynamic organization will be like! Leadership like Brad and Allen and others that help build the brand are remarkable visionaries!

  7. Char says:

    Great video Michael, coming from a Canadian you do good work. :) Sorry I missed the event, sounds like it was a great and future changing event.

  8. Leigh Brown says:

    man, i love these guys! great interview~

  9. Great Interview! Great Summit! Thank You Allen and Brad! Susan

  10. Your usual great work, Michael. And thanks for capturing this moment for all of us who care so deeply for Allen and for Brad’s future success.
    I appreciate you!

  11. Great interview! I feel so privileged to be part of the transition at the Summit this last week. Allen has always had such a presence and Brad, you are going to be able to step right in and move CyberStars 2.0 to the next level. Congrats to you both! Let me know if there is ever anything I can help either of you with!

  12. Tim Burrell says:

    Not only is this a great interview, but it is well edited and presented. I enjoyed the views of the Summit and the CyberStars cut into the discussion. Extremely well done, as it picks up the warm relationship between Allen and Brad. Then, it presents the hope for the future that we all have for CyberStars 2.0. Thank you Michael and Diane!

  13. Pat Wattam says:

    What a great interview!!!! I know Allen has to be so proud to have Brad in charge of the legacy of CyberStars and we are all so happy that Brad will be our leader into the future and beyond! Thanks! Pat

  14. Sheryl Vogel says:

    You really captured the moment well. Being there to hear it in person was very emotional. We are sad to see Allen step down, however thrilled to have Brad become our leader. thanks, Sheryl

  15. Gena Gilbert says:

    I have been an Allen Hainge CyberStar(tm) for at least 10 years or more so I know how dedicated Allen has been to our CyberStar family. I am thankful I was there to hear it in person in Scottsdale, AZ too. Thank you so much for the wonderful video capturing Allen handing over the torch to Brad. I have known Brad for years and experienced the pleasure of hearing Brad many times speaking and lecturing at other events. I know Brad’s heart lies with continuing to make the CyberStars 2.0 the BEST real estate tech group/family just as mine does. Thank you! Gena

  16. Michael,

    It was a pleasure to meet you at the Summit. This was my first Summit and you did a great job capturing the sentiment of both Allen and Brad. I know that the Cyberstars will continue to move forward under the leadership, just as it did under Allen’s leadership.

    Evelyn Bruder

  17. Michael,
    Thank you so much for this interview and for your contributions at our 2010 Cyberstar Summit. Allen’s announcement generated overwhelming emotion among us and of course demonstrated the decision-making that we have all grown to appreciate over the years. Brad, we welcome you in your new Cyberstar leadership role.

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