Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Coach’s Corner: Chris Leader – Cutting Costs and Making More With Niche Marketing


Chris Leader shares some of his coaching tips on the power of niche marketing.

All too often real estate professionals try being all things to all people.

The problem with that from a marketing perspective is that, unless you message is focused no one will hear it!

This is why niche marketing is so powerful.

By focusing your efforts on a specific target audience – let’s say pilots – you can address their specific needs, wants in the language that they understand.

The result is you marketing will become more effect and cost less to do because you are not blasting herds of people.

In this video Chris shares why niche marketing is so effective and how you can get started.

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About Chris Leader
President & Master Trainer

To call Chris Leader an entrepreneur is an understatement. By the age of 24, Chris was already a successful Realtor® and broker owner. When most folks that age are just getting their first job, Chris was busy turning a previously non-profitable real estate company into the top office in his marketplace. Simultaneously, Chris was a partner in a Mortgage Brokerage and ran it successfully for a number of years.

With this achievement under his belt, Chris took over the management of one of the largest offices in Toronto. His success in that endeavor led him down the path to the realization of his true calling, training. Before the age of 35, Chris turned his successes into a platform for education across the industry and became a top trainer for a major international training company.

Today, Chris is a highly sought-after speaker, trainer and industry consultant. His boundless energy, wit and exemplary business expertise have allowed him to train some of the industry’s best professionals.

Chris’ dream was to launch his own training company, and so Leader’s Edge Training was born. Chris now provides state of the art training for real estate professionals, mortgage professionals and managers all over North America.

You can contact Chris by email or by calling 705.792.9999


3 Responses to “Coach’s Corner: Chris Leader – Cutting Costs and Making More With Niche Marketing”
  1. Brad Korn says:

    This is Great to see Chris! I took an8 week boot-camp type course and it was Chris’s first time to come to Kansas City (almost 15 years ago). He helped me to catapult my Real Estate business forward. In fact, helped me realize my niche was to focus on the people I already know! Rather than go find a bunch of strangers, just focus entirely on the 150 people I know, and who know me. He helped me early on realize that in this busness, no matter what your niche is…pick up the phone! Quit looking at it…it isn’t going to ring on it’s own. It worked for me to help build a successful Real Estate Business over the past 15 years. THANKS CHRIS!! (and tell your brother thank you as well)

  2. michael says:


    Do a search for Chris Leader on the site and you’ll find a bunch of videos we did … you’ll be seeing a lot more of him because he loves what I’m doing and wants to share.

    All Good Wishes,

  3. Dave Chomitz says:

    Great advice to “blend” where we were, where we are and where we’re going … gotta keep those selling skills tuned up for the face to face part !!

    Well done. Thanks

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