Monday, April 10th, 2017

Coach’s Corner – Chris Anderson of TED


Is Internet Video Going To Change The Way We Do Business .. Forever??


 In this video Chris Anderson talks about a global wave that is taking place which is fueled by on-line video – that average people like you and me are posting for the world to see.

The net result is something that Chris calls Crowd Accelerated Innovation.

Web vieo is giving us access to to a wealth of information in any subject, discipline that we can image and because of the ability to interact, people can now take that information, learn from it, add to it and in so doing offer back something even better.

This global interaction and partcipation is like Chris says, excellerating innovation.

My questions is how can we take this concept and apply it to real estate?

Do we share what we are doing in hopes of other agents taking our knowledge, adding to it and then giving us back something even better.

Will that raise the standard of excellence in our industry?

I welcome you comments below!

All Good Wishes,

michael krisa

About Chris:

CHRIS ANDERSON is Curator of the TED Conference held each February in Long Beach, California. The son of British missionaries, he was raised in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan before British ‘public’ school and an Oxford degree in Philosophy. A brief career in journalism, coupled with a passion for technology, inspired his launch in 1985 of Future Publishing, a computer magazine company based in the UK that eventually spread to the US (Imagine Media, Business 2.0), and now employs approximately 1000 people working on more than 100 magazines.


2 Responses to “Coach’s Corner – Chris Anderson of TED”
  1. Herb Dierks says:

    I completely agree with Chris’ assessment.

    I predict that the challenge for individuals that desire to join in the global discussion will be getting comfortable with this new form of “public speaking”. However, it seems clear that communicating ideas through video will soon overtake standard blog posts.

    I would add one observation – I think that video can transmit something very important that the written word cannot. Authenticity.

  2. michael says:

    Well put Herb.

    Floyd Wickman once said … “Never tell them when you can show them” … and that’s somethng that you and your team have built a company around.

    All Good Wishes,
    michael krisa

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