Friday, December 15th, 2017

Celebrity Corner – Dr. Cliff Baird – Rejection Is Just In Your Head


What Would You Say If I Told You Rejection Is A Choice YOU Make?

This month I had the good fortune of getting re-acquainted with a friend I haven’t spoken to in years by the name of Dr. Cliff Baird.

Cliff has led a remarkable life forged by pain, hardship, unimaginable loss but also tempered with immense joy and now peace. His life story  is the making of a New York Times best seller.

By trade Cliff is a clinical psychologist with a fascination in human performance and the business of  real estate. Like me he has that inquisitive nature that begs the question … why are some agents so successful while others are barely getting by?

Well during our interview … and if you’ve actually listened to any my “interviews” you know they are anything but. In fact they are more like casual conversations that take on a life of their own and ultimately deliver invaluable information … or as Shakespeare would say “By indirection find direction out “.

One of the many ah-ha moments was when Cliff and I were talking about the day to day stuff of being in real estate, you know things that we all love to do like cold calling, door knocking, calling on expireds etc.

By a show of hands I’ll wager that you would much rather sit in a dark room plucking armpit hair with a fork than experience that feeling of rejection from another prospect!

Well this is the part in the conversation where Cliff dropped the million dollar bomb by saying rejection, that feeling of rejection is a choice that we make. Think about it, we are allowing perfect strangers to determine our sense of self-worth when in fact it’s nothing more than a simple choice.

A simple choice that a stranger has decided not to work with you. That’s NOT rejection – it’s merely a simple choice not to engage with you. It’s not a statement of your worth as human being. It’s not a personal attack it’s a simply a choice … and here’s the BEST part, with any choice there are consequences.

The consequence here is that by making the decision not to engage with you, they have lost out on the opportunity to experience what a truly gifted and experienced individual you are!

Here is the audio interview for you to enjoy!

Total Run Time: 58:17

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All Good Wishes,

michael krisa


5 Responses to “Celebrity Corner – Dr. Cliff Baird – Rejection Is Just In Your Head”
  1. Tony Zito says:

    This is fabulous Michael and Dr Baird every agent must listen to it several times!

    Tony Z

  2. michael says:

    Tony – I could hear and feel the passion in his voice when he spoke about the addictive rush.

  3. Natalie Southwick says:

    I just relistened to this. Michael, awesome interview. I really enjoyed it! Great topic. Dr. Baird is fascinating to listen to. He brings up some great points.

  4. Jim Brothers says:

    This is a MUST listen to. This drills down to your sole. Lets all get lots of No’s because it gets us closer to the Yes!

  5. michael says:

    Hey Jim,

    Cliff really hit home on a number of levels with that interview.

    Now we need to get the word out so that more agents can hear and grow from it … like you have.

    All Good Wishes,
    michael krisa

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