Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Years ago I have the honour of hosting/creating one of the first podcasts in the residential real estate space. It was literally a Who’s Who of the top talent of our day, renown speakers, trainers, CEO, authors etc. One of the interviews that really stands out is one I did with the legend himself; Mike […]

Gloria Valvasori with Better Homes & Gardens is 67 years old, raising three grandchildren, a full time Realtor® … oh and a wiz at SEO and social media marketing! Now before you say she must have been a computer geek all along … nothing could be further from the truth. Gloria realized that her time […]

So who is Brian Copeland and why should you listen? The Greater Nashville Association of REALTOR’s name him Rookie of the Year, selling more homes than any other like-agent in the metropolitan area. In 2007, he was selected by Real Estate Magazine as one of the nation’s Top 50 REALTORS on the Rise. He is […]

Dr. Cliff Baird is a clinical psychologist with a unique understanding of real estate. In fact he once owned 36 real estate offices so when it comes to helping managers and sales people overcome their fears and obstacles they face in this business – he is the man! In this short yet impactful video Dr. Baird […]

In the previous video we discussed a work-around for capturing great audio with a cheap video camera … and by cheap I mean it has No external mic jack for you to plug a microphone into. That solution could also be called a “poor-mans” solution to a wireless mic. You will need some video editing […]

When it comes to making really great video you also need really great audio! People will forgive a relatively shaky, poorly lit video … BUT … it they have to strain to listen to the audio, they will disengage within the first 7 seconds. Just look at the classic budget horror film The Blair Witch […]

Scott Stratton is one the the leading authorities when it comes to social media. Heck the guy hold the record for being the most Tweeted Canadian! In this audio interview Scott will share the do’s and don’ts of going social that any real estate professional serious about making money MUST listen to.

Video is the hottest thing  and if you don’t believe me just ask Google. Why? Because back in October 2006 they spent 1.6 Billion (that’s billion with a “B”) to buy YouTube; who at the time had not generated a nickel in revenue! In part 1 of this two part series I walk you through […]

Terry Murphy is an industry icon and when it comes to training real estate professionals; showing them how to leverage new technology to make more money … well she is a Master! In this video Terri will share with you 4 power strategies that you can use for Video Blogging. Video Blogging you say? Absolutely […]

Research came out recently about how girls often decide if their significant others are up to snuff (I always wonder about who conducts this research, and how much of our tax money goes towards it, but whatever…It works.) We’re recommendation junkies. We have our go-to people for different things – shopping, cars, tech, etc. We […]